Our Projects

OUR PROJECTS are diverse with dynamic production landscapes.
We keep our focus on developing products nurtured with creative input
to make an impression on our clients and audiences.

                    work by foundation                                                                               Commercials                                                                                  Tv Serie

        American Film Showcase 2019                          Euro-East Africa Film Festival 2019          Speakup


         Tv Series                                                                                              Feature film                                                                                 Documentaries

        PLA Mini Series                                                  Bed of Thorns                                                Advocacy for Better Health


       Tv Series                                                                                           Tv Shows                                                                                             Tv Spot Messages

       #Family Series                                                 Mama Glen Show                                               Live your dream


       Tv Spot Messages                                                                          Tv Spot Messages                                                                           Tv Spot Messages

       Sylvia's Story                                                   Apio's Story                                                      Anita's Story


       Tv Series                                                                                             Feature Films

        Live Your Dream Series                                           Rain