Bed of Thorns


R 60m

Stella is in Love and wants a big wedding. But time soon reveals that happily ever after is a fairy tale when she gets caught up in an abusive relationship. her friends try to help but they too struggle with their own domestic issues. They all must figure out how to make things better but this is no easy task

Screening: showing on DSTV Pearl Magic TV. Chanel 161

Directed by:

Eleanor Nabwiso


Malaika, Martha Kay, Diana Kahunde, Agnes Kebirungi

# Family Series

TV Series

R 30m

Screening: Now showing of DSTV Pearl Magic Channel 161 every Tuesday at 8:00 PM


#Family is about the Mpanga's, a family of four, father, mother, daughter, and son.

Frank Mpanga is the head of this family. He is a traditional conservative man who believes that a mans ultimate duty is to provide for his family while the wife takes care of the household responsibilities. His overriding goal is to work hard to earn a decent livelihood so that he can support his family. He is a headstrong, hardworking, no nonsense man who can be very stubborn especially when he knows that he is on the right track. He is such a disciplinarian and will stop at nothing to see that his offsprings are raised in the proper manner. As per common social beliefs, he expects Jackie his darling to take care of the kids, his household and be responsible for keeping the husband-wife relationship between them alive. He is a businessman who owns a couple of supermarket stores and he seems to have his life in order and well laid out. However we live in the 21st century where every parent needs to work to earn a living and support the family. So when Jackie Mpanga decides to go back to work after almost ten years of being a housewife, Frank's head blows over the top and will not have it. The very foundation of their marriage is put to test, is he liberal enough to let his wife go out there and earn a living or is he going to stick to his traditional conservative sentiments and deny her a life time opportunity?

When Jackie finally takes on her new job this marks the beginning of her real woes. She now has to balance her work and her family obligations. She finds herself feeling guilty because she cannot find enough time to spend and attend to her children and to compound it all, the day to day work schedules makes it virtually impossible to intimately connect with Frank and this creates an atmosphere of boredom which turns the bedroom into a dull place. Frank begins to feel deprived and a sense of impotence set's in. Is he going to seek other alternatives to satisfy his emotional and sexual cravings? How about Jackie, will she be able to see the folly of her decision to go back to work and instead opt to resolve their marital quagmire?

Meanwhile Molly their 15 year old adolescent daughter is battling her own demons. She has the pressure of studying hard and living up to her parents expectations but at the same time she is discovering her own sexuality and is be being haunted by the incessant advances of David a rather popular boy at her school. To make matters worse she is that delicate position which modern kids quit frequently, she is not living with both her biological parents. Jackie is her stepmother who Frank married after falling out with Grace her biological mother. However Jackie is taking care of her every need and treats her as if she was her real daughter. Grace on the other hand is a free spirited errant rather irresponsible woman living on the very edge of life and she really cares less about her daughter. These are the two mother's she has to contend with in her life. Will she take the wise logical counseling Jackie gives to keep her away from bad boys or will she emulate her wild errant mother and give in to David's advances? 

Tim on the other hand is only 10 years old and he is mummy's boy. Jackie adores and pampers him so much, something that doesn't auger so well with Frank who wants to groom him into a real man who can fight and fend for himself. His biggest challenge is to live to both his parents expectations as he loves them equally. But he too has his own adventurous life which they don't seem to be aware of. 

In a snap shot, #family is about a seemingly disorganized family that is desperately tying to keep together despite their divergent oddities. As though the troubles in this family are not enough, Janet, Frank's devout employee at the supermarket is thrown out of her place and Jackie asks her to seek refuge in their home, who does that? How can you invite a woman you practically once fought with over your husband to come and live your house. Won't Janet only help to aggregate this already tumbling family? Just watch as the series unfold to satisfy all your curiosities.

Directed by:

Kwezi Kaganda


Eleanor Nabwiso,Mathew Nabwiso, Sasha Serugo, Ruth Kamanzi


Tv Series

R 30m

Live Your Dream is a series campaign against Child Marriages in Uganda brought funded by UNFPA, KOICA, CDFU and RAHU focusing on Abim, Amudat, Kaabong, Kotido, Moroto, Nakapiripirit, Napak, Amuria, Bududa, Butaleja, Iganga, Kapchorwa, Katakwi and Mayuge districts.

Directed by:

Eleanor Nabwiso



R 1h 20m

RAIN is a drama film about one girl who holds on to the idea of HOPE, a dream she nurtures irrespective of her overwhelming tragedies.

Directed by:

Daniel Mugerwa


Eleanor Nabwiso, Phillip Luswata, Mathew Nabwiso, Joanita Bewulira, Joel Okuyo

Anita’s Story

Live Your Dream Series

R 48s

Anita (Primary 6)'s dream is to become a doctor, and that's why she is concentrating on #BooksBeforeBabies. Live your dream by letting girls be girls!

For more information and counseling, call the toll-free number at: 0800200600 and follow #LiveYourDreamUG on social media!

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Sylvia’s Story

Live Your Dream

R 1m

Parents can play a significant role to prevent teenage pregnancy. Talk to your daughter to concentrate on #BooksBeforeBabies.